Second Wednesday of every month, 6:00 pm
Wichita Downtown Spangles Restaurant
Next meeting:
6 p.m. Wednesday, December 11, 2002
Spangles Restaurant: Kellogg & Broadway
Wichita, KansasEVERYONE welcome.

Notes from previous meeting:NOVEMBER 13, 2002
Attendance: 8
Yes, 8 diehards gathered, wondering what happened to everyone who joined up at the Hemp Family Reunion or e-mailed us expressing interest and/or a desire to help. Nevertheless, we courageously continued:

  • Meeting opened with the treasurer’s report, which revealed that we’re a little more solvent than expected, so we unanimously decided to order some new Kansas NORML T-shirts to replenish dwindling stock. A member reported that he has obtained a supply of cigarette papers imprinted with the Kansas NORML logo. (These two items will be included in the merchandise that we offer in return for donations at events.)
  • Moving along, there was an animated discussion of strategies for spring events, and the dire need for more funding, as well as more bodies, to help ensure the success of said events.
  • The current chairperson pointed out that it’s time to elect new officers. Nominations for the offices of chair, co-chair, secretary, treasurer and sergeant-at-arms followed, with the election to be held at the next regular meeting.
  • Meeting adjourned.

OCTOBER 9, 2002
Attendance: 7
�The dwindling few of us met and rehashed the recent Hemp Family Reunion. We agreed that it was a really fun event, and a big success since we basically broke even–thanks to the generosity of attendees.
Undaunted by sparse attendance at this meeting, members began brainstorming ideas for our next big events: a “4/20 Festival” for next spring, followed by Million Marijuana March activities on May 3. With this running start, we hope to make our next extravaganza(s) much bigger and better than the “First Annual” Hemp Family Reunion. Watch for info on upcoming fund raising events, and let us know if you’d like to help!SEPTEMBER 11, 2002 (What happened to August?!)
Attendance: 10

  • Regular members worked together on details of the Hemp Family Reunion, coming up later this month. The HFR is shaping up nicely, and has the potential to become a large annual hemp rally. Tentatively scheduled to perform are: The Powerdrill Tragedy, Roam, Discourse on the Method and Candymine, all from Wichita.
    All the candidates who responded positively to our recent survey on marijuana and hemp issues have been invited to speak. As of today, none have accepted, so we’re still working on that.
  • New membership card design was approved by members. The cards will be available soon.
    Contact us if you joined up, but weren’t issued a card.
  • This meeting was visited by two prospective members. We’re always happy to welcome anyone who wants to visit or join Kansas NORML.  Also please consider making a donation to help support our operation and legalization efforts for the future.

JULY 10, 2002
Attendance: 12

  • The 12 people in the Wichita area who want to see marijuana laws changed got together briefly and worked on the details of the upcoming Kansas NORML garage (or yard) sale. (Updates will be posted here.)
    Also, keep an eye on this site for details of the Hemp Family Reunion & Picnic, coming later this summer (depending upon the success of the garage sale).
  • Discussed production of a basic newsletter to keep everyone who isn’t online informed of meeting dates, events, actions, and so on.

(This meeting was brief and informal because of scheduling difficulties for several members.)
JUNE 12, 2002
Attendance: 8

  • Received treasurer’s report, which revealed that our recent restocking of educational materials for distribution has put us in the red.
  • Reviewed information about the upcoming Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) Workshop.
  • Discussed fund-raising opportunities, specifically a KSC NORML garage or yard sale. More info coming as time permits.
  • Talked again about the URGENT NEED for people to speak up, join up and get involved if they think it’s wrong to wage war on sick people by taking away their most effective medicine.
    Please consider joining us in our continuing campaign for medical marijuana, or MMJ, for those who need it.
Kansas NORML 179 Charter Street Kansas City, KS 66109
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