Kansas NORML’s

Kansas NORML is dedicated to telling Kansans the truth about marijuana and hemp issues. Up against decades of legislative “reefer madness”, we are nevertheless committed to providing accurate information about marijuana use, marijuana as medicine, and the problems caused by marijuana and hemp prohibition.

We feel it’s especially important to get current information, such as results of medical and other marijuana studies, to our lawmakers.

We believe that the vast majority of marijuana users are hard working, responsible, otherwise law abiding citizens and that adults who choose to discreetly and responsibly enjoy the benefits of marijuana–for any reason–should not have to fear legal reprisal.

No one should ever have to suffer needlessly when affordable, proven relief could be readily available, but our state and national legislators continue to dismiss the potential of medicinal marijuana. We believe it’s time for a medical marijuana initiative in Kansas.

Industrial hemp is a viable, sustainable crop that could save Kansas farms, and, at the same time, supply America with a versatile, easy to grow, renewable resource. Kansas NORML urges our legislators to introduce industrial hemp legislation in their next session.

We are convinced that marijuana prohibition in our state and in our nation is founded upon ignorance and lies, is unjust, and is more harmful than marijuana use itself. Therefore:

We want SENSIBLE marijuana laws!!
To this end, we dedicate our time and effort.


Kansas NORML 179 Charter Street Kansas City, KS 66109
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