Reporting on NORML Activities in Kansas

Playing in the Park
September 29, 2002 — Wichita:
A warm and sunny fall day, talented musicians, interesting guest speakers, good food, and a variety of peaceful onlookers all came together to make the “first annual” Hemp Family Reunion an unqualified success. Despite a number of last-minute fiascos (cancellation of bands and sound system provider), the only complaint came from a Riverside resident who walked over to gripe about the noise during the initial sound check!
We extend special, heartfelt thanks to Steve Rosile, Libertarian candidate for United States senate, who came to our rescue with his sound system and expertise. We are also very grateful to Roam, a great band who pulled double duty by filling in for one of the missing bands.
We’re delighted to welcome several new members who joined up during the afternoon. We also wish to thank everyone who came out to show their support for Kansas NORML–your attendance is appreciated more than you know. With your continued support, we hope to make the Hemp Family Reunion an annual event, bigger and better every year!

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Updated HFR News
September 20, 2002 — Wichita:
Wichita bands Discourse on the Method, The Powerdrill Tragedy, and Roam have been lined up to play at the Hemp Family Reunion at central Riverside Park on the 28th. We may add another band to replace Candymine, who are unable to appear. Stay tuned . . . Members of Kansas NORML will serve hot dogs, chips, etc., and provide anyone who’s interested with the latest information on marijuana and hemp issues. Join us at the park for an afternoon of great music and a peaceful gathering of the “Hemp Family”.


September 9, 2002 — Wichita:
We haven’t seen one yet, so this could be a HOAX, but we’ve heard about new billboards showing up around the state:

(smiley face)
(Signed)Kansas DEA
(or something similar). If you see one of these alleged billboards, please let us know its location. We want to take its picture.

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