About Kansas NORML

This chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws was established in 1990 as Kansas SouthCentral NORML. KSC NORML flourished for a few years, holding several successful, awareness-raising events. Then, as members moved away, became burned-out or passed on, the chapter gradually became dormant.

KSC NORML was resurrected in early spring, 2002. When we discovered we were the only active chapter in the state, we changed the name to Kansas NORML, with hopes of becoming a sort of “hub” from which more chapters might be formed across Kansas. Though there weren’t many of us, we worked hard and hosted a couple of fun events, which everyone who attended seemed to enjoy.

Now, barely a year later, we’re in danger of going dormant once again from lack of participation. In light of current events pointing toward increased acceptance of medical marijuana and decriminilization–even in Kansas–this is unfortunate. We appear to have a better chance at success than ever before, but we really need more members to help us maintain the momentum.

We keep hearing the same concerns, “If I join your group, won’t I become a target of the local police and other law enforcement agencies?” No, not that we’re aware of. Some of us have been activists to one degree or another for many years and have yet to have that happen. Our rights to assemble and advocate change in the law are protected under the constitution of our nation.

A more realistic concern is often heard, too: “I’m afraid I’ll lose my job if it becomes known that I belong to the group.” It’s up to you who you tell. We place a high value on our members’ privacy, so we don’t ever publish nor release names or other information about any member who wishes to remain anonymous. Any mailings will have only a return address and no mention of our name.

Why not visit one of our informal gatherings and see for yourself who we are and what we’re up to? You might want to be a part of it.