My experience of using baking soda for a drug test

The highs you experience suddenly turn into a nightmare when you have a drug test to clear. I was no exception to the situation. My experiences with various remedies produced results of all sorts but success. This was when I decided to try baking soda.

Why Baking Soda To Pass Drug Test

Being a lover of natural remedies, I have used baking soda for various purposes. Not limited to health issues such as common cold, acidity, indigestion, and toe fungus but also as a cleansing agent to treat my carpets and curtains, I have great use for baking soda.

Still, it was news to me that baking soda can cleanse your system for a drug test. Baking soda was recommended by many as it is said to disguise the presence of the drug in a urine test. Baking soda also causes an imbalance in pH levels, which helps to clear drug test. At times, test results that show imbalanced pH levels require you to go for another test. This gives you another chance to clear your system. Either way, you are benefited.

The Trial

Well, I hardly could wait to test baking soda’s effect. If only it works, I will have another and more important reason for refilling baking soda supplies on a regular basis.

Moreover, the options I had left were a few out of which I definitely did not appreciate the suggestion of using my friend’s urine to show as my sample.

One of the best features of using baking soda is that it would suffice to use it just between 3 to 6 hours before your test is due.

This is how I went about using baking soda to pass my drug test.

  • I decided to play it safe and set a 6-hour window.
  • I took 3 tablespoons of baking soda and gulped down a glass of water.
  • The next step is to pee. But I threw up; it was so instant that baking soda would hardly have gone past my throat, or so I felt.
  • Back to where I started. Only this time, I went a bit slower, that is, one tablespoon at a time and a glass of water to go with it.
  • After 10 minutes or so there was no sign of throwing up.
  • Now, I had to pee. It wasn’t a difficult task considering what went inside me now.
  • I had to go to pee twice and each time I felt thoroughly empty.
  • Drank some more water and went in to be tested for drug. All a good one hour after my second pee.

And The Error

I failed again. I could hardly believe. I was pretty confident about the result. Baking soda has so far done wonders for me and hence there was no question in my mind of failing. “Sure, it was not someone else’s urine?” I wanted to ask — nothing to do now. May be, I should have taken my drug-free friend into confidence and asked for his urine.

Side Effects

I used to consume baking soda to treat certain health conditions. It was always in smaller doses, and hence I never experienced any side effect. It was not the same this time, and I had a terrible muscle spasm.

However, I am happy that I did not experience any other side effect that is generally associated with overdose of baking soda such as seizures, high sodium levels in blood, swollen feet and heart issues.

The bottom line is not that I failed the test, but baking soda is ineffective in clearing the system for a drug test.

Nothing stops here. I will keep looking for other remedies as I am still not able to get rid of the habit of using drugs. Maybe, I will try it when everything else fails.

How i used cranberry juice to pass drug test

Now that you are here, I understand you are in the same situation I was in, a few weeks ago, desperately trying various remedies to clear my system from weed. After experimenting various remedies unsuccessfully and spending sleepless nights browsing for the right solution, I finally decided to give cranberry juice a try.

Why I Tried Cranberry Juice

Though cranberry juice offers amazing health benefits, it is not in the list of my favorite drinks as I don’t like the bitter taste and the after effects it leaves on my taste buds. However, now is no time for my prejudices, right? Particularly, when a drug test is due and cranberry juice can be a potential savior, I cannot entertain my taste buds.

So, what is in favor of cranberry juice when it comes to cleaning your system from weed?

Since the detoxification process by cranberry juice can be slow, you have a chance to pass the drug test only if you have more than 10 days time to consume cranberry juice regularly.

How Did I Use Cranberry Juice To Clean My System From Weed

Cranberry juice can be made either by directly juicing cranberries using a blender or by boiling cranberries in water and filtering the contents.

I chose the second method for the simple reason that it sounded so effective.

I carefully chose the day to start my trial taking into account the day of drug test. I was particular about what the days of the week would be from day 8 to day 11. I had my reasons, which you will know as you read on.

The First Week – I diluted 5 ounces of cranberry juice with 20 ounces of water and drank it thrice a day an hour before food every time in the first week. I also reduced intake of food so I will be equipped for a tougher schedule the next week.

Day 8 To Day 11 – On the 8th day, I diluted 12 ounces of cranberry juice with 60 ounces of water and consumed it throughout the day splitting the quantity into 5 portions. The toughest part was to go without food to speed up detoxification.  These were the days I was concerned about and hence arranged my schedule so these days fell towards the end of the week.

Day 12 To Day 14 – I again followed the quantity of cranberry juice I had in the first week. Now, my diet made me feel better as I started consuming whole foods on day 12 and went on to include easily digestible vegetables and fruits the next two days.

So, I was thus thoroughly prepared to face the drug test. With all the cranberry juice consumption, urine dilution and detoxification I was sure that I will hear only a favorable test result.

The Result

I was shocked beyond belief. I had failed the drug test. It was really unbelievable considering the fact that I not only consumed cranberry juice but also went on fasting mode, detoxified my body only to still find trace of weed in my system. Bodily effects of weed, I realized, are too strong for cranberry juice. Only I realized it too late.

Is That All?

My sorrow did not end with the ‘negative’ result. I had my share of side effects drinking cranberry juice though only up to recommended levels.

My urine was diluted but I had burning sensation every time I urinated and this lasted for about three days after I stopped drinking cranberry juice. I had nausea, stomach pain and diarrhea. All these symptoms of side effects gradually subsided after my break up with cranberry juice.

I learnt two lessons from drinking cranberry juice to clean my system from weed.

No. 1 – Cranberry juice has amazing health benefits but it may not be advisable to go all cranberry so you end up with side effects.

No. 2 – Cranberry juice is NOT EFFECTIVE in cleaning the weed from your system. So, you will flunk your drug test if you rely on cranberry juice to do wonders here.

Does Niacin Help Get THC Out Of Your System?

If you have been browsing the internet for an effective remedy to get THC out of your system, you are not alone. Sure, you, like many, have a drug test coming. How to get even the slightest trace of weed out of your system? Well, as I said, you are not alone in your search.

Not long before, I was desperately looking for a remedy to get THC out of my system.

The more I browsed, the more confused I became. There were loads of information, and it was difficult, to tell the truth from false, the effective from ineffective, the solution of the experienced from hearsay solution.

The Niacin Promise

At last, I found, or so it seemed at that time, a foolproof remedy in niacin. Sure you have read about it while browsing to reach this page. For those who have not, here is the niacin promise.

Many vouches for niacin’s effectiveness in getting rid of THC out of the system. Here is why I was encouraged to try niacin.

NIACIN BREAKS DOWN FAT CELLS. The outcome of your smoking weed is stored in the form of THC in fat cells. Higher levels of THC are easily detectable if you are subjected to the urine test. By breaking down fat cells, niacin releases THC from your body, and you pass the urine test.

The Niacin Rules

Niacin advocators highlight the following rules to adhere to if you are looking to get THC out of your system really fast.

Rule No. 1 – To make niacin work, you are supposed to start using it at least five days before the drug test. Of course, you need to stop using weed.

Rule No. 2 – Drink lots and lots of water so your urine will be diluted.

Sounded very sensible to me. So, this is how I went about using niacin.

The Niacin Attempt

Well, I should feel blessed. According to Rule No. 1, you need to start using niacin at least five days before the drug test, and I had seven days to work my way to clear THC from my system. Indeed, I felt blessed.

Step 1: I stopped using weed.

Step 2: I started taking niacin in pill form. I started my day with niacin pill and had one every 5 hours.

Not to forget, I tried urinating a lot as recommended to flush THC out of my system.

Step 3: I started drinking plenty of water as instructed in sites that recommended using niacin. Fruit juice and caffeinated drinks became a part of my diet.

Step 4: I ate light meals and avoided fatty foods as they almost nullify the effectiveness of niacin.

Step 5: I took two niacin pills and drank about five large glasses of water on the day of the test. And urinated a lot.

I also had on hand vitamin B12 pill to turn my urine yellow in case my urine dilutes too many thanks to the unbelievable levels of fluid intake.

Step 6: I crossed my fingers and hoped that no other drug tests other than the urine drug test are done on me. Niacin does not affect other drug tests.

Thankfully, it was a urine drug test.

The Outcome

Though it was a urine drug test

I failed.

I could not believe I tested positive after all the efforts, taking niacin regularly and drinking too much of water hoping THC would be flushed out of my system.

So, after all, I was not able to tell the effective from the ineffective.

Side Effects

Not only was niacin ineffective in producing a desirable effect, but I also suffered side effects using niacin, though as recommended.

Driving to work was difficult as I felt very dizzy. Since I also had trouble sleeping at nights my days at work were awful.

Nausea affected me both physically and mentally. I was in no mood for parties too as I did not want to be seen itching my skin.

Other side effects I experienced were:

  • dryness of skin
  • bloating
  • diarrhea

My experience gave me the answer to the title question. And it is a “No.”

Does Taking Aspirin Help Pass A Drug Test?

If you are expecting a drug test and if you are like me, you will be browsing the internet as if there was no tomorrow to find how to pass a drug test. I have been there so many times and attempted so many remedies that now I believe I can create an ebook with the knowledge I have acquired in the process. One such solution I tried was aspirin to pass a drug test.

Why Aspirin

A very common over the counter medicine, aspirin is used for relieving headaches, cold, fever and muscle pain. Its use in clearing the system of the drug was not known to me until I found it through search engines.

Aspirin masks specific parts of the spectrum thereby interfering with Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique (EMIT) drug screening. Hence, your results show no traces of the drug. Studies also prove the effectiveness of aspirin in interfering with EMIT testing. EMIT testing is the cheapest technique and hence employers generally prefer to use this technique for drug screening.

Naturally, I decided to use aspirin. Since I never stock medicines as I hardly use them, I went out to get a few to help me pass the drug test.

Using Aspirin To Clear Drug Test

I hate to swallow medicines. However, under the present circumstances, I preferred taking aspirin than swallow a test result that is not in my favor.

I had about ten aspirins with me though what I required was 4. What in case I throw up after the tablet touches my throat? It is always better to play it safe, right?

  • About 6 hours before the test was due, I took four aspirins.
  • I drank plenty of liquids.
  • I peed more than twice.
  • I knew I had to catch the middle of the urine stream and not the beginning or the end, so I have the cleanest pee.

That’s it. I was ready for the test. This, I believed, was the easiest way. That is if the EMIT testing was involved.

The Toughest Part

Well, it was EMIT testing all right. But the result was not easy on me. I FAILED the drug test. What about all those studies that claimed aspirin would mask certain parts of the spectrum and all that? I never so far realized that studies could go wrong.

Well, it was only later when I started looking for alternatives to pass drug test did I find more about the ineffectiveness of using aspirin for clearing drug test. Not only are we getting smarter to avoid failing the drug tests but laboratories are getting smarter too to catch us cheating on the tests.

Aside from being tested positive, I experienced further woes in the form of side effects using aspirin. Though I did not go on aspirin overdose, taking four was too much for me. I had a headache, nausea, pain in my abdomen and had a stomach upset. At least, I was thankful to myself that I was not already on blood thinners as it could have made things worse.

How Did I Pass Urine Drug Test In Just 1 Day

It is too difficult to give up marijuana. Not that I tried. Whenever I fail a drug test my promise to myself is not to give up marijuana but to find the perfect remedy to pass the drug test. The more determined I was, the tougher the situation got. Niacin, baking soda, cranberry juice, exercise, and aspirin, you name it, I have tried it. If you have been reading my blog posts, you would have by now known that I don’t give up.

So, on a wonderful day, I found a remedy that worked.

Yeah, at last, I passed my urine drug test in just one day.

I am sure you wish you read this post first. That is the way of life. You learn from failures just as I did.

Fast Marijuana Detox Kit (Extra Strong) – What Is This Product All About

fast detox kit

This Detox Kit contains diuretics, which increase urine flow. Barley grass in this detox kit promotes urine flow and supports detoxification. Alfalfa leaf is also effective in increasing urine flow. Milk thistle seed extract, an active ingredient in this product, aids in cleansing THC from the system.

Fast Marijuana Detox Kit gets rid of THC in the body thanks to the effective ingredients in it. To optimize the benefit, you should consume the recommended amount of water while using the kit. This aids in diluting your urine so there is no trace of cannabis. Unlike other diuretics that dilute your urine to the point of raising suspicion, this kit ensures the level of dilution is perfect and the urine is as normal as can be.

How The Kit Worked For Me

Though I was extremely impressed about the product’s credentials, my experiences so far with other remedies made me doubt. Anyway, I decided to give it a try. Why should I not when the facts were overwhelmingly convincing?

I followed the instructions given in the product to the letter.

  • I drank 20 ounces of water 2 hours before it was time for my drug testing.
  • After 20 minutes, I drank the entire bottle of QCarbo Plus and 4 Super Boost Tabs.
  • I refilled the empty bottle with water.
  • After 20 minutes, I drank the water.
  • I urinated twice.
  • Using the self-test kit provided in the Marijuana Detox Kit, I tested my urine.
  • The recommendation was to submit the urine test sample if the result was clear.
  • Since it was not so for me, I followed the next instruction. I chewed QClean tablet and drank 32 ounces of water.
  • I waited for an hour.
  • I urinated more times before I was called for drug testing.

I also remembered that the positive outcome of using the kit lasts from 90 minutes to 5 hours and hence I based my trial according to the timings.

Last, My Worries Were Over

It was a dream come true moment for me. This time I was successful. YES, UNBELIEVABLE, right? Not for me anymore as the ingredients in the product are highly convincing and hence effective. Another special feature of this product is that I did not experience any side effects.

At last, I have found the right way to pass my drug test. I am sure you have now too.

Does Sweating Get THC Out Of Your System

Very common advice you would have come across to get THC out of your system is to sweat aka exercise. And if you are like me, you would have postponed exercising to try something easier, like consuming cranberry juice, niacin or baking soda.

Exerting physically was always considered a fitness freak’s work by me, but then when my other attempts failed, I turned to exercise with all my heart and soul. For me, every bit of support is needed to do some stretching, even the easiest of them all. Of course, I decided to hit the sauna as well. After all, one really needs to sweat it out right?

Why Exercise Found Its Way Into My Schedule?

My association with exercising was limited to watching someone work out in movies. That was enough for me to sweat. But not when other remedies failed and the drug test day was nearing. Still, why exercising, you may ask.

THC is first stored in fat and is later released gradually into your bloodstream. Exercise burns fat thus supporting the quicker release of THC into the bloodstream, so it is on its way out through urine sooner than the time it generally takes.

The more intense your workout sessions are, higher will be the sweat you let out. Studies have shown traces of THC in sweat, which only goes to prove that you can clean THC of your system by sweating.

My Exercise And Sauna Days

The very thought of the nearing drug test made me shed my laziness and get into some action. For someone who hardly does any physical exercise, these can easily be called the toughest days. Anyway, I was too willing to sweat not only to pass the drug test (especially after I’ve read at THCDetox that sweating doesn’t work) but also to know that I can fall back on this remedy to serve all my future purposes.

Fifteen days from now will be the drug test. My countdown began:

The First Three Days – For a beginner like me, it does not take much to sweat. Just some basic warm-ups and very mild exercising were all that I did to sweat profusely. I did no more than this the first three days.

Days 4 To 7 – I was beginning to get used to the workouts I did the first three days, and hence I did not sweat much repeating all those exercises. After the warm-up, I started jogging, the distance increasing with each day making me sweat. I felt inspired.

Days 8 To 10 – I started running. I increased the speed and set goals to encourage me to run quicker and sweat more. I achieved both. I enrolled in the local gym so I can have access to a treadmill and sauna. I used both effectively. After running on the treadmill till I tired myself out, I stayed in the sauna for about 10 minutes. I repeated this twice. The duration of my workout session reached an impressive one hour on the 10th day.

Days 11 To 12 – Though I was feeling better, I was also feeling exhausted as I felt I was overdoing to achieve results. Had there been more time, I could have progressed gradually. Anyway, just four more days and my mind won my body over, and I increased the intensity of my practice. I began covering more distance running, and I did the treadmill for increased duration. Now, I was exercising twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Days 13 To 14 – Since sweating releases THC from fat, you should stop exercising the last 48 hours before the test. So, you know what I did these two days.

During all these days, I kept myself hydrated.

By the end of the 14th day, I was feeling great and was all set to take the drug test.

Did The Results Show

To say I was shattered will be an understatement. I really sweat it out and did more than my best only to be tested positive for drug abuse.

While exercising is a great way to stay healthy, rushing it the way I did is definitely not the right way to go about it. I failed to listen to my body’s signal calling me to be less intense and go step by step. I never gave my muscle time to repair. I was breaking the very rules of exercising. All these made me thoroughly exhausted and left me with pain in the back and hips thanks to my overdoing all too sudden.

Not everything is lost though I failed the test. I now know sweating can get THC out but not enough out, so you pass the drug test. For sure, I will exercise regularly but not with the focus to clear THC next time.

How long for a skinny person to pass a drug test

Prepping for a marijuana drug test can give anyone the chills, more so when the drug test results are standing between you and a promising opportunity.

For skinny people, there’s an interesting twist to this; will being skinny help you flush out weed from your system faster than your chubbier counterparts? This is what I want to discuss with you in the next two minutes, so stay put.

How is weed expelled from the system

In brief, weed is eliminated through five primary channels: urine, sweat, saliva, feces and exhalation.

The psychoactive compound in weed that is screened for during drug tests is called delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

When you smoke weed, THC will hit your blood stream almost instantly. However, when you take weed edibles, the weed will pass through the digestive tract before it can get to your blood stream. In the liver, THC is broken down into active metabolites; THC-COOH is the most common THC metabolite.

Drug tests screen for both THC and THC-COOH. How long THC lasts in the body is related to the half life of THC. Half life is the amount of time it takes for 50% of the drug to be eliminated from the body. The half life of THC is 28h-32h, this means that it should take roughly five days to a week for THC to be eliminated from the body. However, this will also depend on a number of individual factors which include: Body fat percentage, exercise level, age, frequency of use and for how long one has taken weed.

Body Fat And How It Affects Elimination Of THC

Both THC and THC-COOH are highly lipophillic, meaning that they bind more readily to fats than to water. It is estimated that the amount of THC in fat is about 100 times more than it is in blood. This means that only a very small fraction of THC is present in blood at any given time. However, the THC is free to move from the blood to fat cells and vice versa.

Thin People Versus Fat People

Being skinny or fat in this context refers to body fat percentage and not body weight per se. Let’s take the example of three people with different body fat percentages: 10%, 20% and 30%. They all take the same amount of weed using the same ingestion method. What happens to the THC concentration in their blood and fat cells after some time?

In Blood

The THC will peak after a few minutes and then reduce and remain at a certain low threshold afterwards. This applies to all the three subjects.

In Fat

The subject with 10% body fat has less fat cells to hold the THC. This means that their fat cells will get saturated much faster as compared to the subject with 30% body fat. This extra fat stored in the subject will prolong the half life of THC so that it will take a longer time for this subject to eliminate THC from their system. The difference primarily arises due to the amount of fat captured in fat cells.

The same applies to THC metabolites, most of which are also highly lipophillic.

How long for a skinny person to pass a drug test

With the above background, it is safe to say that a skinnier person will eliminate THC from their body faster than their heavier counterparts. This means that they may be more confident about passing a drug test sooner after consuming weed.

THC is eliminated from the body after about 5-7 days. However, other factors are compounding and make this claim a little bit ambiguous. How long THC stays in the body is affected by a myriad of factors and it is impossible to claim that a skinny person will definitely eliminate weed faster. You must take all factors into consideration before deciding who will test negative for weed sooner than the other. These factors include: age, frequency of use, duration of use, and cardio activity level.

Companies That Drug Test Employees and Applicants

Most companies, if not all, only wanted but the best and productive workers. In order to ensure that, one of their ways to screen their applicants and workers is by doing a drug test. These are just some of the companies that require drug testing on their employees, mostly when they get to the corporate ladder and even during application. The companies below are mostly big media companies that deal with television and movies and also the news media.

  1. CBS News
  2. Disney
  3. Comcast
  4. E.W. Scripps Company
  5. Time/ Warner Cable
  6. Sinclair Broadcast Group
  7. Cablevision
  8. The New York Times
  9. The Washington Post
  10. Airline companies
  11. Hospitals
  12. Schools

What jobs need to be tested?

  • Flight attendants
  • Pilots
  • Nurses
  • News writers
  • News anchors
  • Teachers

What drugs do employers test for?

Most companies require the standard five-panel drug tests which includes marijuana, cocaine, phencyclidine, amphetamines and opiates. Amphetamines also include other drugs such as methamphetamine, speed, crank and ecstasy.

Why do employers require pre-employment drug testing?

  1. To prevent hiring applicants with a drug addiction.
  2. Create a safe environment for the public and the employees.
  3. To discourage employees to abuse drugs and alcohol.
  4. To adhere to state and Federal laws regarding drug testing among employees.

When are drug tests usually conducted?

Pre-employment stage

This is usually requested after a conditional offer has been made. This is to make sure that the company does not hire people who uses prohibited drugs in the company. The applicants would agree to the said tests provided that they will be given the job if they produce a negative result.

Weird behavior

This is done when an employee displays weird behavior and disposition while at work. It gives the employer a reason to test this individual, but the observation should be validated by another supervisor. The behavior displayed by the employee should also match the behaviors associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

Post-accident testing

Drug testing after an accident, for example, would determine if drugs or alcohol are involved to trigger such an incident. Testing should be done within 12 hours following the accident to ensure the drug, if there’s any, still remains in the system. Even though the employee will test positive on a specific drug, it does not say that it is the cause that triggered the accident.

Random picks

This is done by selecting an employee in a sea of names and social security numbers. This is usually done unannounced and the picking is computer generated to make it fair for all the employees to be given a chance to be tested whether you done so previously or not. The problem with this is that employees who use drugs won’t have time to prepare at all.

Periodic testing

Periodic testing, on the other hand, are announced in advance. So, employees who are drug users are given a chance to stop their use for a time before the tests are made. This is usually done annually.

Return to work testing

This is done if the employee has previously tested positive for a certain prohibited drug. This kind of testing ensures the employer that the employee has completed the program or treatment required for him to finally return to work. This is a one-time announced drug test.

Blanket testing

Blanket testing is much like random drug testing but does not involve one randomly picked individual alone, but the whole workforce is subject to the drug testing procedures.

Post-rehabilitation or follow-up testing

This kind of test is done on employees who have tested positive before. This is a random, unannounced test that is conducted periodically to ensure that the employee has completed his treatment program and rehabilitation.

Who pays for the drug tests?

The employer pays for the drug tests according to SAMHSA and the time you spent on getting tested that was required of you to take, is also considered hours worked, according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. So, this is time considered a drug test with pay.

Companies are now ensuring a drug-free environment for all its employees. So, if you are an avid drug user, it is better to get sober now before you get into trouble. Cleanse your body with effective detox kits that are available online. They are safe and effective without the side effects. Of course, there are other ways too, so go get cleaned up now

Jobs That Do Not Require Drug Testing

Looking for a job that does not require you to test for drugs? Here is a list of possible mediocre jobs you can have. Take a look at some of the jobs that do require drug testing and see the difference of what being sober can do to change your career path.

What jobs don’t require drug testing?

  • Pizza delivery boy
  • Restaurant crew or staff
  • Retail store staff
  • Fast food employee

What companies do not drug test?

  • McDonald’s
  • Groceries
  • izza parlors

What big companies, drug tests their employees?

  • The New York Times
  • Comcast
  • CableVision
  • Disney
  • Airline companies
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

What jobs require drug testing?

  • Professor
  • Nurse
  • Flight attendant
  • Pilot
  • News writer
  • News anchor

The difference between the two jobs:

  • There is a big difference with the jobs that require drug testing and the ones that do not. It clearly shows that the jobs that require drug tests are highly paid careers and these are not just part-time jobs. These are real jobs that give a handsome salary, which can give you a life of comfort and even raise a family with.
  • The jobs that do not require drug testing, on the other hand, are the kind of jobs that you only take to pay your rent and feed you for a month or two. They are mostly part-time jobs that do not pay well and requires more hours of work for you that may not be compensated in the end. The jobs also require manual labor and that is very tiring, especially if you work in a restaurant. You are on your feet more than 8 hours every day.

Your way out

Wanting a better a job is never too late. You just have to muster the courage to stop taking drugs so you would not fail in any of the required drug tests you have to take. But if you are too scared to even try to stop, then it would be best to try a different route. You can give detox kits a try, it safely and effectively cleanses your system from all unwanted substances fast. You will have a negative result in your drug tests in no time.

Getting sober would give you more chances of getting high-paying jobs that are decent and not just part-time jobs you can never really be proud of. As you are getting older, you also have to make wise choices and better ones too especially with your career choices. You have to man up and make a better life for yourself.

If you have dreams of being a successful career man or woman in the future, you have to stop being a slave to drugs and be the victor not the victim. It will destroy your life, relationships, family and future, especially if you have big plans in that area of your life. Get a better job, build a career, buy a house, start a family. These may all seem too good to be true, but it can happen for you if you start quitting drugs now.

Is Drug Testing Legal? Can You Refuse To Take a Drug Test?

Laws on drug testing are complex, inconsistent, and constantly change based on court and legislative decisions. Precisely, there has been a lot of movement in regards to state marijuana legislation over the past few years. As of now, Washington DC and 30 states have recreational marijuana law.

Even though companies want to have drug-free workplace programs to keep their employees productive and safe, many today have questioned the impact of such programs. It appears to some that such programs are more intent on discriminating and shaming drug users more than they are focused on helping drug users pass through their drug-related challenges, if any. Ultimately, the buck stops with the government and the laws that they create to safeguard the rights and liberties of employees in the workplace.

This article will answer all questions on drug tests, your rights on it, and whether you can choose not to take a compulsory drug test.

Your Drug Testing Rights

Employers can resolve to do drug tests on their employees. To succeed in this though, employees should first consent. A drug test should be given when an employer has grounds of drug-testing you under a detailed contractual occupational safety and health policy.

This policy must have been well defined in your employment contract, or in the handbook of the company. The employer is required to limit drug testing to only workers that need testing.

Random Drug Tests

If an employer intends to conduct random tests to their staff, the drug tests ought to be genuinely abrupt. It is discriminatory to single out a specific worker or group of workers for testing unless the nature of their jobs justifies it.

Privacy in Drug Tests

Searching an employee is a sensitive issue and companies are recommended to have in place a written policy regarding the same. Searchers are required to respect privacy. The person carrying out your drug test should be of the same gender as you, and the test carried out in the presence of a witness.

Can You Refuse to Take a Drug Test?

You cannot be forced to test for drugs. However, if you decline, your boss may have grounds for getting you tested under a suitable occupational safety and health policy. You may also face disciplinary action if drug tests are a stipulated requirement in your employment contract – this can include getting fired.

If you are a job applicant, going through a drug test might be compulsory if the company you are applying to work for has set this as a requirement. The court allows pre-employment drug testing on the grounds that employers have a right to assess potential employees, and that people have an option of not applying for jobs that require drug tests.

Compulsory pre-employment drug test should be done with the intention of ruling out the possibility of compromised judgment or reaction time when the job at hand requires such accuracy. An employer can always argue that should an employee be under the influence of such a drug, the quality of their output will be compromised and may even jeopardize safety at the workplace. But if such does not apply, an employee can argue that the drug test is not necessary.

As more states and countries move to legalize marijuana, we expect to see hardliners soften their stance on drug testing, especially as a pre-employment prerequisite. What we hope to see are more supportive frameworks for drug users in the workplace to ensure that both productivity and safety is not compromised. But up till then, know that drug testing is legal and a positive result can cost you a potential job or any such similar opportunity.