Proven Ways To Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

Mouth swab drug tests have gained popularity among those seeking to detect drug use. This is mainly due to the convenience and accessibility of taking a saliva sample rather than urine or blood tests which are more invasive. It is also the test of choice for economic reasons as mouth swabs are less expensive than other testing options. For those being tested, mouth swabs are particularly convenient as there is a strong possibility of coming through successfully with a negative reading. This is especially true if you take certain steps and precautions which will be discussed below.

This article will cover the following nine questions, giving you everything you need to know about passing a mouth swab drug test:

  • When might you face a mouth swab drug test?
  • How does the mouth swab drug test work?
  • How is the mouth swab drug test administered?
  • What are some proven ways to beat the mouth swab drug test?
  • What doesn’t work for beating the mouth swab test?
  • Which drugs can be detected by the mouth swab test?
  • How far does the mouth swab test go back?
  • Can the mouth swab drug test give a false positive result?
  • What happens if you fail your mouth swab drug test?

When might you face a mouth swab drug test

The most likely occasion when you would face a mouth swab test would be from your employer or your future employer. When you go for a job interview, you may be asked to take the test as part of the application screening process. Once you are employed, you may also face this kind of test from time to time. Sometimes, employers use this test if they suspect that one of their employees may be on drugs, or to check when someone returns from leave. It can also be used after an accident has occurred, or for random checking on roads or at schools and colleges.

How does the mouth swab drug test work

The mouth swab collects a sample of your saliva and then establishes whether there are any traces of drugs found in the saliva. These traces are also called metabolites, and they are formed by your body as a means of storing excess substances. The metabolites can be found in various places in your body such as fat cells, hair or nails. From there, over time, the metabolites move into the blood or urine as well as into the saliva.

Some substances such as THC can also be detected directly in the saliva before it metabolizes. This is because traces of THC can remain in your mouth for some hours after you have smoked. Depending on the type and quantity of drug used, the window period for detection would vary.

How is the mouth swab drug test administered

The swab itself is similar in shape and size to a normal toothbrush; however, instead of the bristles, there is a cotton swab. There are two ways to administer the mouth swab test:

  • Spitting into a cup: Once a sufficient amount of saliva has been deposited into the cup, the swab is then saturated with the saliva to obtain the result.
  • Placing the swab into the mouth: This is the more usual method whereby the swab is placed inside your cheek next to the lower gum. It is held in position for a few minutes until the swab becomes saturated with saliva. Swabbing may also be done along with your gum line, under your tongue or around the tonsils.

If you are given the opportunity of holding the swab yourself, then you can avoid certain areas where more toxin metabolites are likely to be. These areas would include your gum line and between your teeth.

After the saliva has been collected onto the swab, it will take a few short minutes before a result will be generated. This result will determine whether or not you have passed the drug test.

What are some proven ways to beat the mouth swab drug test

The ways and means of beating the mouth swab test are many and varied, with loads of proven success stories to tell. But you should always remember that every person is unique and the way one body reacts may be different than another. Some methods work better than others, and some people prefer one way over another or a combination of two or more methods.

At the end of the day, the only guaranteed way to pass a drug test is not to take drugs. Or if you have taken, you would need to abstain for as long as possible before the test. So if you find yourself faced with a mouth swab test, and you have recently taken drugs such as marijuana, these are some methods to try. It is important to remember that these methods will not remove the presence of the drug from your system. Rather, they can help to mask or disguise the evidence of the drug so that it is not detected by the mouth swab test.

The most common and favorite ways of beating the mouth swab test fall into two categories: home remedies and detox products.

Home Remedies that work

  1. Drink lots of water: This keeps you hydrated and helps the fluids in your mouth to keep moving.
  2. Eat a high-fat meal: If it is possible to eat a high-fat meal about an hour before your test, this can help reduce the drug metabolites in your saliva. The fat will absorb the metabolites from your bloodstream so that less of them manage to reach your saliva.
  3. Chew some ice: Some have found it effective to chew an ice block just before the test. The ice will cleanse your mouth and also gets rid of any lingering traces of marijuana which may still be in your saliva. Of course this is most effective if you have not smoked for at least twenty-four hours before the test.
  4. Chew some gum or mints: A similar method involves chewing gum or mints which will dilute your saliva, and increase your chances of a negative test result. In general, the idea is to keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth and chewing gum, mints or ice. A combination of all or some of these has proven effective in passing a mouth swab drug test.

Detox products that work

When it comes to detoxing your mouth before a swab test, the best method is to use a mouthwash. There are a variety of effective products available such as the following

Hydrogen peroxide: This can be used as a cleansing mouth wash. You would need to rinse your mouth thoroughly for about three minutes with hydrogen peroxide an hour or less before the test. After you have rinsed, do not brush your teeth or drink anything until you have had the swab test.

Ultra Wash Toxin-Cleansing Mouthwash: The Ultra Wash Mouthwash can be used similarly and it, is an all natural product which also tastes good. It works within minutes and remains effective for up to one hour, effectively preventing drug detection. It comes in a very convenient and discreet little bottle which can be slipped into your pocket, or your desk drawer at work. If you have a bottle of Ultra Wash Mouthwash handy, you can always be prepared for any unexpected swab tests.

What doesn’t work for beating the mouth swab test

As stated above, the only real guarantee of a negative mouth swab test is complete abstinence. So if you have been taking drugs less than twenty-four hours before the test, your chances of coming out positive are increased. The methods and remedies described above have been proven to be effective in most cases. However, they may or may not work if your toxin levels are above the limit. If you have been able to abstain for at least twenty-four hours before the test you should be able to pass. The way the saliva test works is that it detects only the most recent doses so the longer you can keep off drugs the better.

One way to get a little peace of mind before the test would be to get you a home test kit. These are easily obtainable, and it will give you some idea as to whether you will pass or not. If you fail at home, you can step up some of the remedies described here, until you reach a satisfactory result.

Which drugs can be detected by the mouth swab test

Depending on the kind of swab test used, up to six different drugs can be detected. These include alcohol, marijuana, barbiturates, opiates, cocaine, methamphetamines and ecstasy. In a saliva strip test, each drug would be represented by a different color allowing the detection of more than one at a time.

Each type of drug can be detected in the system for differing amounts of time after taking. This is where marijuana users are at a definite advantage over other drug users. Marijuana can normally be detected by a saliva test for only twelve to twenty-four hours after use. Opiates and barbiturates, on the other hand are detectable for up to three days, while meth and ecstasy can remain for up to four days.

How far does the mouth swab test go back

Regarding the question of how far the mouth swab test goes back, the detection time of different drugs varies. It depends mainly on the type of drug, how much of it was used, and the personal reaction of each’s body to the drug. Each type of drug can be detected in the system for differing amounts of time after taking. This is where marijuana users are at a definite advantage over other drug users. Marijuana can normally be detected by a saliva test for only twelve to twenty-four hours after use. Opiates and barbiturates, on the other hand are detectable for up to three days, while meth and ecstasy can remain for up to four days.

The time of detection after the drug has been ingested also varies. Marijuana or cannabis can be detected by a mouth swab test within a few minutes of being taken. Opiates can take up to thirty minutes after intake before they are detected. For meth and ecstasy it also takes about half an hour after ingestion before showing up on a saliva test.

Can the mouth swab drug test give a false positive result?

Yes, it is indeed possible on occasion for the mouth swab test to give a false positive. Perhaps you have never taken drugs in your life, and to your dismay, the test comes out positive. This can be a result of taking some kinds of prescription or over-the-counter medications. Certain vitamins and supplements can also cause a false positive. That is why it is important to let your employer or whoever is testing you know exactly what medications you may be taking. Keep a copy of any prescriptions you are taking so that you can produce proof if necessary.

What happens if you fail your mouth swab drug test

Worst case scenario: your mouth swab drug test turns out positive – what do you do now? It is good to think this through and be prepared for any eventuality. You have several options as follows:

  1. Accept the result: This means you will be branded as guilty of drug use. Appropriate actions will be taken and consequences will be put into effect.
  2. Firmly declare your innocence: You could quietly and calmly state your innocence, expressing your surprise and confusion at being found positive. Be careful not to come across as aggressive as this will be counterproductive to your cause.
  3. Eliminate false positive possibilities: Should you be taking any prescription medication, vitamins or other medicines, proof of these could be produced. This would bring to light the possibility of a false positive and would give you some more leverage to prove your innocence.
  4. Ask for a urine test: You could ask for another test such as a urine test to confirm the result. This would normally be viewed as a reasonable request and would probably take a day or two for your employer to schedule. It would also buy you some more time to come up with a plan for passing the urine test.
  5. Seek legal advice: If all else fails you may want to seek some legal advice to help you prove your innocence.

However, none of these worst-case-scenario options should be necessary if you take up the tips described in this article. By using these home remedies and detox products, you can look forward to passing your mouth swab drug test successfully.

How to Use Sure Jell to Pass a Drug Test

Have you ever needed a way to pass your drug test, other than not using drugs!? If you answered yes, then you need to know about Sure Jell, sometimes referred to as “Certo.” In essence, Sure-Jell is a gelatin powder that is used in the making of jams and jellies. The main ingredient of these products is fruit pectin, which is a soluble fiber that occurs naturally in many fruits. Working together with your body’s natural functions, According to THC Detox Sure-Jell may provide an opportunity to pass your drug test. But first, a little bit of science to chew on.

Metabolism and Detection of THC

To understand how this method may be successful, we need to go back to the basics and understand how marijuana reacts and behaves in the body. Once THC has entered the body, it is broken down into metabolites such as 11-OH-THC. The marijuana will circulate through your body via your bloodstream, and then leave the body through both urine and feces. Approximately 20% leaves through urine. When most labs test your urine sample, they will be looking for levels of THC metabolites greater than 50 ng/mL.

Will Gelatin Help Pass a Drug Test?

The theory behind how Sure Jell can be a successful way to pass a urine test for marijuana relies heavily on the fact that most THC is eliminated from the body through feces. THC metabolites that do make it out of the body in your urine are mostly a result of it being reabsorbed on the way through the intestines, before it can make it out of the body. The secret behind Sure Jell isn’t that it somehow eliminates or blocks marijuana, but that it decreases the chances of marijuana leaving the body through your urine.

In order for this to happen, there are a couple of scientific facts that help to explain the process. First, the THC and metabolites that are in your body are fat-soluble, meaning that it is easily absorbed into fats and oils. Next, your body produces a fluid that aids in digestion that is called bile. One of the functions of bile is to attach to fat and help it dissolve.

When you use Sure Jell, the fiber in the form of fruit pectin attaches to bile as it travels through the intestinal tract. Lastly, fruit pectin fiber can only exit the body through your feces. In addition, fiber in general has the capacity to encourage more frequent bowel movements. This results in the maximum amount of THC exiting your body in the least amount of time.

So, let’s review in a more simplified way: First, THC attaches to fat. Then, fat attaches to bile. Next, bile attaches to the fruit pectin fiber. Since fruit pectin fiber can only leave through feces, by default it drags more of the bile, fat, and THC with it. When this happens, it leaves less THC metabolites behind in the intestine.

This in turn lowers the amount of THC that will be reabsorbed into your bloodstream while making its way through the intestine and ending up in your urine. As a result, there will be a period of time after using the Sure Jell in which the majority of THC is exiting through feces rather than through urine. If you time it appropriately, you can use this time frame to pass a urine test.


Unfortunately, while the theory behind this method is pretty solid, there is a lack of reliability when it comes to real-world results. First, there isn’t any credible scientific evidence or research studies that can back up the claims. Instead, most of the success stories rely on word of mouth claims from people who have passed a drug test and give credit to the Sure-Jell method. While this is certainly evidence that it has the potential to work for you, it is hardly a fool proof way of passing without risk.

Secondly, there are other variables that are adversely affected by the steps you must take when using the Sure Jell strategy. The most notable is the in advertent dilution that occurs to the urine as a result of the gelatin. In order for gelatin to work of course, a fair amount of water is involved for activation.

Drinking a large amount of water prior to a urine test can throw up some red flags for the testers. Many labs monitor a variety of characteristics of urine, looking for “normal” conditions of temperature, color, and composition. Specifically speaking, excessive amounts of water can alter the specific gravity and creatinine levels in urine and may warrant grounds for additional testing or re-testing.

The Method

If you are comfortable with the risk involved and are ready to attempt this strategy, here are some steps to get you on your way!

  1. Approximately 3 hours prior to when your testing is to take place, dissolve one full pack of Sure-Jell into a Gatorade or other sports drink. It will be necessary to drink a little bit before adding the packet, so it does not over fill.
  2. Vigorously shake the drink and Sure Jell mixture until all of the powder has fully dissolved. You should notice that the liquid will start to solidify and have a consistency similar to jelly.
  3. Drink up! Be sure to consume it all, as this gives you the best fighting chance for eliminating the most THC from your system prior to the test. During the time after finishing the Sure Jell and before your screening, drink about a gallon of water.
  4. Urinate a minimum of 3-4 times before you head to the testing site. This will make sure there is no “old” urine in your system from prior to the Sure Jell.
  5. About an hour prior to testing, use a vitamin B pill to put some color back into your urine. Too light of urine can may indicate to the lab that your sample has been diluted.

Does Drinking Alcohol Help Pass A Drug Test?

There are a few whispers out there that suggest that alcohol is a detoxification remedy that can help you remove THC metabolites in your body. This is something that is false in fact; taking alcohol will make your detoxification process a lot more difficult.

If you intend to use alcohol as a diuretic, it might go some way in helping you beat a drug test because you will urinate a lot and flush the drugs out of your system. This article will explain whether or not alcohol can help you pass a drug test or not.

Can You Remove THC Metabolites With Alcohol?

The reason why many people believe alcohol is a very good remedy for flushing drugs out of your system is that THC is very soluble when it is in alcohol than any other liquid like water for example.

This way of thinking is backed by some reports that have come out saying taking alcohol can help you lose some weight if you drink responsibly. THC in the body is stored in fat and drinking alcohol is a very good way to detox your body, however, the question is, does alcohol boost the metabolism of any fats in it?

Let’s put things in simple terms; when you drink plenty of alcohol, it will fill up your stomach meaning you will not feel like eating any food. If you drink on a regular, the body starts to burn the fat its stored for energy since you are drinking more than you eat.

Yes, the THC that is found in your fat might leave the body as urine through the kidneys, however, using this method to get rid of drug metabolites does bring about an upset stomach, vomiting, and dyspepsia.

Based on what has been said so far, drinking alcohol to get rid of drug metabolites in your system is very risky and tricky plus there is no guarantee it will work as far as helping you pass your screen test is concerned.

With that being said, alcohol can help you differently by inhibiting fat burning meaning that only a few THC molecules will be released. It is difficult for you to put your trust on alcohol as a detox method because it may inhibit the release of some of the stored THC molecules from your fatty cells.

When this happens, it can minimize the metabolites concentration levels in your urine making dilution or any attempt to hide your drug activities in your urine very easy.

Alcohol is a diuretic

Anything that is known to make a person urinate a lot is called a diuretic and alcohol falls into that category. If you are dehydrated, the body sends signals to your pituitary gland which is located in the brain to begin secreting ADH (Anti-Diuretic Hormones).

What these hormones do is they stop you from urinating a lot as a way to save water and prevent further loss. Whenever you drink alcohol, it goes to the pituitary gland and stops ADH hormones that are being released in your body.

When the body does not have a lot of ADH, it means your body will release more water through urination. Keep in mind that quantity of water that the body loses through alcohol as a diuretic is very important. Four 2 ounce shot of alcohol can cause you to pee around 1 quart of urine which is a lot.

The question now is what the actual relationship between increasing is peeing, booze and passing a test? Based on this point (alcohol is a diuretic) when you pee a lot, you remove a lot of THC in your system.

This is why it can help you to beat a screen test; sadly it does not work in that manner. Since it is a diuretic, you will urinate a lot more than usual by drinking alcohol, but if you drink 200ml of booze, you will pee 200ml of water plus an additional 120ml later on.

Alcohol will make you pee the extra amount of water because of its diuretic effects. This water is what leads to the dilution of the THC metabolites found in the body for detection during screening. For you to pass your drug test, you need to dilute the concentration levels of THC metabolites in you successfully.

Most importantly, you need to know that your kidney will filter some THC metabolites in your system into urine at a quick rate which is not affected by peeing a lot. With that being said, alcohol does indeed have some diuretic effects in it that will increase urination.

When you pee a lot in the hours before your screening test can dilute some of the THC metabolites that are in your urine to a level where they cannot be detected by the testers, this does not increase your kidney’s rate to filter any drug metabolites in your system.

In simple terms, no matter its diuretic effects, drinking alcohol will not speed up your body’s detoxification process.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that alcohol does inhibit some fat burning elements in it but this combined with its diuretic effects give you a very good chance to pass your drug test. It stops many THC metabolites from being released from your fat cells when you are diluting the ones that are in your pee.

However, this method does have its drawbacks and number one the exact quantity of alcohol you have to drink to slow down fat metabolism in your body. The second drawback is alcohol can change certain elements of your urine which can get you in trouble like the color and creatinine levels.

Apart from the drawbacks mentioned above, drinking alcohol a lot can impair a person’s motor skills which are not a good thing and making you less steady when you are about to be tested.

For your health and safety, dilution with water is one of the best methods out there because it is very reliable and doesn’t cause much risk to your life. The good thing about water is you can use it as a detoxification method on the day of your test as it is available free most of the time and you don’t have to pay for it.

Does Cranberry Juice Clean Your System From Weed?

If you are a stoner, then you must have come across a few articles talking about how cranberry juice can clean your system if you smoked weed. Many people have openly discussed whether this is true or not and this article will attempt to answer that question.

What exactly is Cranberry juice? To get the answer, one has to understand the components it does contain. It is a very natural diuretic that has pectin, aspirin, niacin and some zinc in it which can help you pass a drug test.

Does Cranberry Juice Help You Pass A Drug Test?

Cranberry Juice Has Salicylic Acid

With the formula C7H603, Salicylic acid is essentially a colorless crystalline organic acid and contains acetylsalicylic acid which is used to make aspirin. There are a few reports that suggest aspirin can help you pass your test if taken a couple of hours before it’s done.

Although Salicylic acid found cranberry can aid you to beat a test but, there are a few things worth considering. Number one is the quantity of juice one needs to drink to have the required acid content in their system is unclear.

If you want to pass a test using aspirin, you need to take four tablets (1300mg) a couple of hours before the test. Ideally 4 to 6 hours but there is no proof that states the quantity of salicylic acid that is available in a certain amount of juice one takes.

Number two is you have to know that even if aspirin has a chance to help you pass your test, it is not a guarantee.

Cranberry Juice has Zinc

Zinc is known to help people pass drug tests especially if they are being screened for weed, cocaine, and meth. Is there any truth in this? A few researchers have pointed out that is Zinc attaches itself to THC metabolites making them too big to exit the body as urine, but instead, they leave the body as feces. This helps you beat your drug test

Other resources online, on the other hand, have said zinc has no effect on your body at all and will not help you pass a drug test. These resources say the only way it can be effective in helping you pass your drug test is if you pour it directly into your urine.

Since many labs do not test for zinc, the chances of you using it to compromise your urine and getting away with it are very high.

Cranberry juice has Niacin

Niacin is something that many people believe breaks down fat in the body but does it help you pass your test? According to various reports, this is not true because it does not speed up the body’s basal metabolic rate. Instead, it just converts fat into energy plus no one knows the exact amount you need to take to plus your system.

You will need 500mg and 2000mg of niacin plus gallons of water for a couple of weeks to flush your system, however; it is worth noting cranberry juice does have 0.04g of niacin per 100g of juice meaning you will need plenty of juice to get the minimum 500g required to help pass a test.

Cranberry juice has pectin

This is something that can be found in the fruits we eat on a regular basis but can it help you pass your test? If you take cranberry juice a few hours before your test, pectin is known to attach itself to drug metabolites in your system as passed out as, not urine.

This means your urine sample will be slightly cleaner which will help you pass your screening because it dilutes the concentration of drugs in your urine.

Natural Detoxification With Cranberry Juice

Feces and urination are the two major ways the body deals with drug metabolites however some can be stored in fats. These are the toughest to get rid of because they find their way into your bloodstream. You will need to exercise a lot or lose some weight to convert that fat with the drug metabolites into energy.

There are a few reports out there that have credited weight loss to drinking cranberry juice. However, there is no solid evidence to back that claim. The juice bought in the stores has a high amount of sweeteners which can add calories to you instead of burning them.

Anyone who wants to lose weight and burn some fat needs to buy the low-calorie cranberry juices that do not have any added sugars in them. Since fructose is something that can be found in many natural juices like cranberry, adding water is highlight recommended to dilute it.

Using cranberry juice as part of your program to lose some weight is very complicated because you will need to count the calories on top of maintaining a good diet and plenty of exercises.

Cranberry juice is a diuretic

This juice can be used as a diuretic because it increases the water, toxins, and salt that excreted from the body. This will make you urinate a lot especially if you are drinking plenty of juice. It will reduce the concentration of metabolites to a point where they cannot be detected by tester. However, care is needed.

If you drink plenty of cranberry juice to dilute your system, chances are you will change the color and creatinine levels in your urine. This can make the people at the lab suspicious and not only that, drinking plenty of liquid can cause hyponatremia which is when your blood has low sodium levels. Being sick on test day is never a good thing.

Final Thoughts

Cranberry juice can indeed help you clean your system from weed only if you use it as dilution method and nothing more. You need to drink a lot of it to eliminate as many metabolites in your urine as possible.

If you do not have money to spend on cranberry, you can always use water because it is equally as effective. Always take plenty of liquids with caution because the last thing you need it to suffer from hyponatremia right before your drug test.

Can You Pass A Drug Test With Potable Aqua Pills?

There have been a few success stories over the years of people passing their lab test thanks potable aqua pills. People on the internet have found two ways of passing their drug test with these pills.

One of them is through adding a few germicidal pills into their urine sample while the other is to add them directly into a drink. The question now is how effective are these two methods?

This article will highlight whether or not you can pass your drugs test with potable aqua pills.

What Exactly Are Potable Aqua Pills?

These are essentially water purification pills which are used to disinfect water that one wants to drink. They are very useful when one comes across water that is bacteriological substandard.

People in the military, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and camper are all big fans of potable aqua pills. They have them close by just in case they want to replenish their supply of water especially if it is coming from a source they are not sure of or trust.

Anyone looking to buy these pills can find them online by searching on websites like Amazon or walking to their local supply store.

What Are The Ingredients Found In Potable Aqua Pills?

There are so many water purification pills out there. However, potable aqua is the most popular ones. They contain three main ingredients which are Iodine, Tetraglycine Hydroperiodide and Chlorine (Sodium Chlorite).

Ways of Passing Your Drug Test With Potable Aqua Pills

Process Number One: Drink Water That is Treated

There are three things that you need before you proceed and these are 1 liter of water, one iodine tablets, and 2 PA chlorine tablets.

How Do You Go About Doing It?

The first thing you have to do is drop the two iodine tablets you have into a 1-liter bottle and shake well until they dissolve. The second step is to leave the mixture alone for about half an hour for the water to become discolored. If you taste the water, you will certainly taste the iodine. The third step is to add 2 PA + Chlorine pills into the mixture to clear the taste and look of iodine. The fourth step is to leave the mixture alone for about 20-25 minutes and then drink it. The last step is to pee one before you give a urine sample.

Is it effective?

CLAIM: There are many people online who smoke weed every day who say this method is very effective and helps them pass their urine drug test with ease. They say that to get the best results; you have to drink the water a few days leading up to your test and a few hours before you hand in your urine sample.

This drink mixture cleans your system in 72 hours and works all the time. Those who wish to not follow the method above can simply crush five potable aqua pills, put them in a bottle of water, shake well and then drink.

People who get stoned a lot worship potable aqua pills because they believe these pills eliminate traces of THC in your bladder and cleaning your urine before you give a sample, however, this is very much false.

Just because you passed your drug test using this method doesn’t automatically mean the pill broke down the metabolites found in your urine. Going by things this way means drinking plenty of water and urinating a lot.

This is just the dilution method meaning that passing your drug test does not mean all the metabolites in your urine are gone. It simply means that the water you are drinking has dissolved them to a point where they cannot be detected.

The ones that find their way on your urine come from different body tissues because they will enter your bloodstream, travel through your kidneys where they end up in your bladder. Once in the bladder, they are passed out by the body as urine.

Process Number Two: Drop The Potable Aqua Pills Into Your Urine Sample Directly

This method is pretty much self-explanatory, but there is a method to it.

How Do You Go About Doing It?

The first thing you have to do is add two potable aqua pills into your sample cup and urinate in it. The second step is to wait a couple of minutes for the pill to completely dissolve. After that happens, the last step is to hand over your urine sample to the lab where it will be tested.

Is it effective?

CLAIM: This technique will help you create a false negative result when you take your test. Studies that have been conducted over the years have shown that Chlorine does help eliminate any traces of THC metabolites in not just water but in waste too.

Other studies, on the other hand, have shown that iodine can mask or hide drug metabolites in your urine. This is the go-to method for many people who enjoy getting high; however, it is not that effective.

The reason why that is the case is that most labs these days have on the spot tests that can detect drugs in urine very easily.

Another negative side to using this method is that the pills do take a while to dissolve into the urine completely to hide any metabolites. This is a major problem if a sample is being collected on the spot.

Many people even go as far as crashing the pills with their bare hands or swirling their urine to speed things up. The whole idea here is to change the temperature of your sample.

Number two, when the pill is dissolved directly into your urine, it might change its color. Both these techniques may raise a few question marks because they might show a false positive result which can land you in hot water.


Can you pass a drug test with potable aqua pills? The answer to that is no. The first method pointed out above does not have any clear evidence to suggest that the pills do indeed work.

The one thing you will be doing, however, is diluting the number of metabolites found in your urine. You also have to remember that it is a health risk if you take too much Chlorine because it is considered a pesticide by the US EPA.

When too much chlorine is added to water for drinking, it can damage your body cells. The second method, on the other hand, is effective to some degree because it hides the drug metabolites in your urine sample.

Sadly, this will not work all the time because most labs have on the spot check which will detect drugs in your urine very easily. It can be tricky to execute this method especially if you are being monitored at a collection site.

Overall dilution is the best way to pass a urine drug test because it is safe, easy and there are no side effects as long as you do it properly.

Can You Pass Drug Test With Midol?

According to people online, anyone looking to beat their drug test should turn to Midol. While this does have some element of truth on paper, in reality, however, the story is different. People who say it works base their theory on the high caffeine content that is found in Midol.

What this means is by using Midol, you are diluting your urine. Anyone who wants to dilute something can do that with water. It is much safer because Midol does have a few side effects. What this article aims to do is to highlight a way you can use Midol to pass your drug test and explain whether it may or may not work.

What Exactly Is Midol

Women are well aware of Midol because it helps them deal with pain when they are on their period. It is a drug that you can get over the counter without a prescription because relieves pain that is caused by menstrual cramping. As expected, this is a product that is more marketed to females, but men can take it too.

What Are The Ingredients Found In Midol?

Before you take any product, it is worth knowing what inside it and Midol has six formulations. These are Midol Liquid Gels, Midol Complete, Midol Teen formulation, Midol PM Formulation, and Midol Extended Relief. The ingredients found in this drug include Pyrilamine maleate 15mg (antihistamine), Caffeine 60mg and Acetaminophen 500mg.

Method And Things You Need To Pass Your Drug Test With Midol

  1. The first thing you need is a packet of Midol Complete which can be bought online on Amazon or going into your local pharmacy. For two days, you need to take between 6-8 pills. Buying a packet of 16 pills is highly advised.
  2. The next thing you need is plenty of water. It can be either sparkling or just regular water.
  3. The third thing you need is B complex multivitamin
  4. The fourth thing you need is Aspirin, although this is options
  5. The last thing you need is time on your hands. 48 hours is all you need to pass your drug test using this method, however, the more time, the better.

How Do You Go About Things

  1. Stay away from other drugs – Since Midol can help you get rid of drug metabolites in your body, you need to stop taking any other drugs until you take your drug test.
  2. Drink a lot of water – The reason for this is you want your kidneys to get rid of as many drug metabolites as possible from your body through urine.
  3. Take one tablet of Midol every 3 hours – You need to take the pill 6-8 times a day every 3 hours.
  4. Grab some aspirin 4 to 6 hours to your test – As mentioned above, aspirin is optional, but it is highly recommended to take it just in case.
  5. Take 100mg of B complex multivitamin – You need to swallow this 2-3 hour before your drug test while drinking plenty of water. The whole idea is to make you pee a lot and make your urine appear yellow.
  6. Urinate a lot – Since your first urine will have high drug concentrations, you must pee a lot in advance before the test to increase your chances.

Why People Believe It Works Vs. Scientific Proof

The people online have a few reasons why they believe Midol helped them beat their drug test and one of them is when taken, the drug flushes out the drugs in the kidney thanks to Pyrilamine maleate and Acetaminophen.

Is There Any Truth In This?

Researchers gave the two components mentioned above to rats to see if this is the case. They have two groups of rats 7mg and 0.7mp of Pyrilamine maleate to them, and 24 hours later, 29% and 38% of the substances was passed out through urine.
Another study found out the main disposition site for Acetaminophen is, in fact, the kidney. Even with such study and evidence, there still is no proof what so ever that these two help eliminate drug traces in your urine to help you beat a drug test at a lab.

Is There A Chance It Might Work?

Even though there’s no proof as mentioned above, that doesn’t mean this method cannot work. The amount of caffeine that is found in a single pill makes it a very reliable diuretic.

For those who do not know, a diuretic is a substance that makes you urinate a lot when you take it, and this pill is more effective than tea and coffee. Taking this pill and a lot of water will make you want to go to the toilet and urinate a lot which cuts down the THC metabolites in your body. This can make you pass your drug test.

Is There A Chance It Might Not Work?

There are plenty of question marks regarding the use if this product to pass your drug tests. The first thing is no one is clear if Acetaminophen and pyrilamine maleate can get rid of drug metabolites.

The second thing is the effectiveness of methods used to cheat drug tests depends on how soon you used drugs with THC in them. Another factor is your kidneys speed and ability to release any drug metabolites found in your system.

Is Taking A lot Of Midol A Wise Decision?

Midol is safe because it can be obtained over the counter with a prescription however certain people do experience some side effects which include stomach cramp, drowsiness and trouble sleeping.

Even though the side effects are not common, it can also cause a blood disorder, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, acute liver failure, extra heartbeat, and vocal cord swelling.

Final Thoughts

Overall from what the article has pointed out, it is clear to see that is a good dilution method one can use to pass their drug test. Even though the high level of caffeine might help you urinate a lot because it is a diuretic, you will get the same results by drinking water.

The only difference is when you drink water, there are no side effects. Drinking water as a dilution method is perhaps one of the safest to pass a urine drug test without causing harm to your kidney and liver. This is a very simple and straightforward method, but you need to know your creatinine levels and body mass first.