Companies That Drug Test Employees and Applicants

Most companies, if not all, only wanted but the best and productive workers. In order to ensure that, one of their ways to screen their applicants and workers is by doing a drug test. These are just some of the companies that require drug testing on their employees, mostly when they get to the corporate ladder and even during application. The companies below are mostly big media companies that deal with television and movies and also the news media.

  1. CBS News
  2. Disney
  3. Comcast
  4. E.W. Scripps Company
  5. Time/ Warner Cable
  6. Sinclair Broadcast Group
  7. Cablevision
  8. The New York Times
  9. The Washington Post
  10. Airline companies
  11. Hospitals
  12. Schools

What jobs need to be tested?

  • Flight attendants
  • Pilots
  • Nurses
  • News writers
  • News anchors
  • Teachers

What drugs do employers test for?

Most companies require the standard five-panel drug tests which includes marijuana, cocaine, phencyclidine, amphetamines and opiates. Amphetamines also include other drugs such as methamphetamine, speed, crank and ecstasy.

Why do employers require pre-employment drug testing?

  1. To prevent hiring applicants with a drug addiction.
  2. Create a safe environment for the public and the employees.
  3. To discourage employees to abuse drugs and alcohol.
  4. To adhere to state and Federal laws regarding drug testing among employees.

When are drug tests usually conducted?

Pre-employment stage

This is usually requested after a conditional offer has been made. This is to make sure that the company does not hire people who uses prohibited drugs in the company. The applicants would agree to the said tests provided that they will be given the job if they produce a negative result.

Weird behavior

This is done when an employee displays weird behavior and disposition while at work. It gives the employer a reason to test this individual, but the observation should be validated by another supervisor. The behavior displayed by the employee should also match the behaviors associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

Post-accident testing

Drug testing after an accident, for example, would determine if drugs or alcohol are involved to trigger such an incident. Testing should be done within 12 hours following the accident to ensure the drug, if there’s any, still remains in the system. Even though the employee will test positive on a specific drug, it does not say that it is the cause that triggered the accident.

Random picks

This is done by selecting an employee in a sea of names and social security numbers. This is usually done unannounced and the picking is computer generated to make it fair for all the employees to be given a chance to be tested whether you done so previously or not. The problem with this is that employees who use drugs won’t have time to prepare at all.

Periodic testing

Periodic testing, on the other hand, are announced in advance. So, employees who are drug users are given a chance to stop their use for a time before the tests are made. This is usually done annually.

Return to work testing

This is done if the employee has previously tested positive for a certain prohibited drug. This kind of testing ensures the employer that the employee has completed the program or treatment required for him to finally return to work. This is a one-time announced drug test.

Blanket testing

Blanket testing is much like random drug testing but does not involve one randomly picked individual alone, but the whole workforce is subject to the drug testing procedures.

Post-rehabilitation or follow-up testing

This kind of test is done on employees who have tested positive before. This is a random, unannounced test that is conducted periodically to ensure that the employee has completed his treatment program and rehabilitation.

Who pays for the drug tests?

The employer pays for the drug tests according to SAMHSA and the time you spent on getting tested that was required of you to take, is also considered hours worked, according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. So, this is time considered a drug test with pay.

Companies are now ensuring a drug-free environment for all its employees. So, if you are an avid drug user, it is better to get sober now before you get into trouble. Cleanse your body with effective detox kits that are available online. They are safe and effective without the side effects. Of course, there are other ways too, so go get cleaned up now

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