Does Cranberry Juice Clean Your System From Weed?

If you are a stoner, then you must have come across a few articles talking about how cranberry juice can clean your system if you smoked weed. Many people have openly discussed whether this is true or not and this article will attempt to answer that question.

What exactly is Cranberry juice? To get the answer, one has to understand the components it does contain. It is a very natural diuretic that has pectin, aspirin, niacin and some zinc in it which can help you pass a drug test.

Does Cranberry Juice Help You Pass A Drug Test?

Cranberry Juice Has Salicylic Acid

With the formula C7H603, Salicylic acid is essentially a colorless crystalline organic acid and contains acetylsalicylic acid which is used to make aspirin. There are a few reports that suggest aspirin can help you pass your test if taken a couple of hours before it’s done.

Although Salicylic acid found cranberry can aid you to beat a test but, there are a few things worth considering. Number one is the quantity of juice one needs to drink to have the required acid content in their system is unclear.

If you want to pass a test using aspirin, you need to take four tablets (1300mg) a couple of hours before the test. Ideally 4 to 6 hours but there is no proof that states the quantity of salicylic acid that is available in a certain amount of juice one takes.

Number two is you have to know that even if aspirin has a chance to help you pass your test, it is not a guarantee.

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Cranberry Juice has Zinc

Zinc is known to help people pass drug tests especially if they are being screened for weed, cocaine, and meth. Is there any truth in this? A few researchers have pointed out that is Zinc attaches itself to THC metabolites making them too big to exit the body as urine, but instead, they leave the body as feces. This helps you beat your drug test

Other resources online, on the other hand, have said zinc has no effect on your body at all and will not help you pass a drug test. These resources say the only way it can be effective in helping you pass your drug test is if you pour it directly into your urine.

Since many labs do not test for zinc, the chances of you using it to compromise your urine and getting away with it are very high.

Cranberry juice has Niacin

Niacin is something that many people believe breaks down fat in the body but does it help you pass your test? According to various reports, this is not true because it does not speed up the body’s basal metabolic rate. Instead, it just converts fat into energy plus no one knows the exact amount you need to take to plus your system.

You will need 500mg and 2000mg of niacin plus gallons of water for a couple of weeks to flush your system, however; it is worth noting cranberry juice does have 0.04g of niacin per 100g of juice meaning you will need plenty of juice to get the minimum 500g required to help pass a test.

Cranberry juice has pectin

This is something that can be found in the fruits we eat on a regular basis but can it help you pass your test? If you take cranberry juice a few hours before your test, pectin is known to attach itself to drug metabolites in your system as passed out as, not urine.

This means your urine sample will be slightly cleaner which will help you pass your screening because it dilutes the concentration of drugs in your urine.

Natural Detoxification With Cranberry Juice

Feces and urination are the two major ways the body deals with drug metabolites however some can be stored in fats. These are the toughest to get rid of because they find their way into your bloodstream. You will need to exercise a lot or lose some weight to convert that fat with the drug metabolites into energy.

There are a few reports out there that have credited weight loss to drinking cranberry juice. However, there is no solid evidence to back that claim. The juice bought in the stores has a high amount of sweeteners which can add calories to you instead of burning them.

Anyone who wants to lose weight and burn some fat needs to buy the low-calorie cranberry juices that do not have any added sugars in them. Since fructose is something that can be found in many natural juices like cranberry, adding water is highlight recommended to dilute it.

Using cranberry juice as part of your program to lose some weight is very complicated because you will need to count the calories on top of maintaining a good diet and plenty of exercises.

Cranberry juice is a diuretic

This juice can be used as a diuretic because it increases the water, toxins, and salt that excreted from the body. This will make you urinate a lot especially if you are drinking plenty of juice. It will reduce the concentration of metabolites to a point where they cannot be detected by tester. However, care is needed.

If you drink plenty of cranberry juice to dilute your system, chances are you will change the color and creatinine levels in your urine. This can make the people at the lab suspicious and not only that, drinking plenty of liquid can cause hyponatremia which is when your blood has low sodium levels. Being sick on test day is never a good thing.

Final Thoughts

Cranberry juice can indeed help you clean your system from weed only if you use it as dilution method and nothing more. You need to drink a lot of it to eliminate as many metabolites in your urine as possible.

If you do not have money to spend on cranberry, you can always use water because it is equally as effective. Always take plenty of liquids with caution because the last thing you need it to suffer from hyponatremia right before your drug test.

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