Does Drinking Alcohol Help Pass A Drug Test?

There are a few whispers out there that suggest that alcohol is a detoxification remedy that can help you remove THC metabolites in your body. This is something that is false in fact; taking alcohol will make your detoxification process a lot more difficult.

If you intend to use alcohol as a diuretic, it might go some way in helping you beat a drug test because you will urinate a lot and flush the drugs out of your system. This article will explain whether or not alcohol can help you pass a drug test or not.

Can You Remove THC Metabolites With Alcohol?

The reason why many people believe alcohol is a very good remedy for flushing drugs out of your system is that THC is very soluble when it is in alcohol than any other liquid like water for example.

This way of thinking is backed by some reports that have come out saying taking alcohol can help you lose some weight if you drink responsibly. THC in the body is stored in fat and drinking alcohol is a very good way to detox your body, however, the question is, does alcohol boost the metabolism of any fats in it?

Let’s put things in simple terms; when you drink plenty of alcohol, it will fill up your stomach meaning you will not feel like eating any food. If you drink on a regular, the body starts to burn the fat its stored for energy since you are drinking more than you eat.

Yes, the THC that is found in your fat might leave the body as urine through the kidneys, however, using this method to get rid of drug metabolites does bring about an upset stomach, vomiting, and dyspepsia.

Based on what has been said so far, drinking alcohol to get rid of drug metabolites in your system is very risky and tricky plus there is no guarantee it will work as far as helping you pass your screen test is concerned.

With that being said, alcohol can help you differently by inhibiting fat burning meaning that only a few THC molecules will be released. It is difficult for you to put your trust on alcohol as a detox method because it may inhibit the release of some of the stored THC molecules from your fatty cells.

When this happens, it can minimize the metabolites concentration levels in your urine making dilution or any attempt to hide your drug activities in your urine very easy.

Alcohol is a diuretic

Anything that is known to make a person urinate a lot is called a diuretic and alcohol falls into that category. If you are dehydrated, the body sends signals to your pituitary gland which is located in the brain to begin secreting ADH (Anti-Diuretic Hormones).

What these hormones do is they stop you from urinating a lot as a way to save water and prevent further loss. Whenever you drink alcohol, it goes to the pituitary gland and stops ADH hormones that are being released in your body.

When the body does not have a lot of ADH, it means your body will release more water through urination. Keep in mind that quantity of water that the body loses through alcohol as a diuretic is very important. Four 2 ounce shot of alcohol can cause you to pee around 1 quart of urine which is a lot.

The question now is what the actual relationship between increasing is peeing, booze and passing a test? Based on this point (alcohol is a diuretic) when you pee a lot, you remove a lot of THC in your system.

This is why it can help you to beat a screen test; sadly it does not work in that manner. Since it is a diuretic, you will urinate a lot more than usual by drinking alcohol, but if you drink 200ml of booze, you will pee 200ml of water plus an additional 120ml later on.

Alcohol will make you pee the extra amount of water because of its diuretic effects. This water is what leads to the dilution of the THC metabolites found in the body for detection during screening. For you to pass your drug test, you need to dilute the concentration levels of THC metabolites in you successfully.

Most importantly, you need to know that your kidney will filter some THC metabolites in your system into urine at a quick rate which is not affected by peeing a lot. With that being said, alcohol does indeed have some diuretic effects in it that will increase urination.

When you pee a lot in the hours before your screening test can dilute some of the THC metabolites that are in your urine to a level where they cannot be detected by the testers, this does not increase your kidney’s rate to filter any drug metabolites in your system.

In simple terms, no matter its diuretic effects, drinking alcohol will not speed up your body’s detoxification process.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that alcohol does inhibit some fat burning elements in it but this combined with its diuretic effects give you a very good chance to pass your drug test. It stops many THC metabolites from being released from your fat cells when you are diluting the ones that are in your pee.

However, this method does have its drawbacks and number one the exact quantity of alcohol you have to drink to slow down fat metabolism in your body. The second drawback is alcohol can change certain elements of your urine which can get you in trouble like the color and creatinine levels.

Apart from the drawbacks mentioned above, drinking alcohol a lot can impair a person’s motor skills which are not a good thing and making you less steady when you are about to be tested.

For your health and safety, dilution with water is one of the best methods out there because it is very reliable and doesn’t cause much risk to your life. The good thing about water is you can use it as a detoxification method on the day of your test as it is available free most of the time and you don’t have to pay for it.

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  1. Don Reply

    I take HCTZ and niacin for prescription. My drug testing people said it causes a negative for Alcohol and cocaine.
    Is this true?
    And my Dr will not consent to taking them away.
    Do my scripts actually keep me from failing urine test??

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