Does Niacin Help Get THC Out Of Your System?

If you have been browsing the internet for an effective remedy to get THC out of your system, you are not alone. Sure, you, like many, have a drug test coming. How to get even the slightest trace of weed out of your system? Well, as I said, you are not alone in your search.

Not long before, I was desperately looking for a remedy to get THC out of my system.

The more I browsed, the more confused I became. There were loads of information, and it was difficult, to tell the truth from false, the effective from ineffective, the solution of the experienced from hearsay solution.

The Niacin Promise

At last, I found, or so it seemed at that time, a foolproof remedy in niacin. Sure you have read about it while browsing to reach this page. For those who have not, here is the niacin promise.

Many vouches for niacin’s effectiveness in getting rid of THC out of the system. Here is why I was encouraged to try niacin.

NIACIN BREAKS DOWN FAT CELLS. The outcome of your smoking weed is stored in the form of THC in fat cells. Higher levels of THC are easily detectable if you are subjected to the urine test. By breaking down fat cells, niacin releases THC from your body, and you pass the urine test.

The Niacin Rules

Niacin advocators highlight the following rules to adhere to if you are looking to get THC out of your system really fast.

Rule No. 1 – To make niacin work, you are supposed to start using it at least five days before the drug test. Of course, you need to stop using weed.

Rule No. 2 – Drink lots and lots of water so your urine will be diluted.

Sounded very sensible to me. So, this is how I went about using niacin.

The Niacin Attempt

Well, I should feel blessed. According to Rule No. 1, you need to start using niacin at least five days before the drug test, and I had seven days to work my way to clear THC from my system. Indeed, I felt blessed.

Step 1: I stopped using weed.

Step 2: I started taking niacin in pill form. I started my day with niacin pill and had one every 5 hours.

Not to forget, I tried urinating a lot as recommended to flush THC out of my system.

Step 3: I started drinking plenty of water as instructed in sites that recommended using niacin. Fruit juice and caffeinated drinks became a part of my diet.

Step 4: I ate light meals and avoided fatty foods as they almost nullify the effectiveness of niacin.

Step 5: I took two niacin pills and drank about five large glasses of water on the day of the test. And urinated a lot.

I also had on hand vitamin B12 pill to turn my urine yellow in case my urine dilutes too many thanks to the unbelievable levels of fluid intake.

Step 6: I crossed my fingers and hoped that no other drug tests other than the urine drug test are done on me. Niacin does not affect other drug tests.

Thankfully, it was a urine drug test.

The Outcome

Though it was a urine drug test

I failed.

I could not believe I tested positive after all the efforts, taking niacin regularly and drinking too much of water hoping THC would be flushed out of my system.

So, after all, I was not able to tell the effective from the ineffective.

Side Effects

Not only was niacin ineffective in producing a desirable effect, but I also suffered side effects using niacin, though as recommended.

Driving to work was difficult as I felt very dizzy. Since I also had trouble sleeping at nights my days at work were awful.

Nausea affected me both physically and mentally. I was in no mood for parties too as I did not want to be seen itching my skin.

Other side effects I experienced were:

  • dryness of skin
  • bloating
  • diarrhea

My experience gave me the answer to the title question. And it is a “No.”

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