Does Sweating Get THC Out Of Your System

Very common advice you would have come across to get THC out of your system is to sweat aka exercise. And if you are like me, you would have postponed exercising to try something easier, like consuming cranberry juice, niacin or baking soda.

Exerting physically was always considered a fitness freak’s work by me, but then when my other attempts failed, I turned to exercise with all my heart and soul. For me, every bit of support is needed to do some stretching, even the easiest of them all. Of course, I decided to hit the sauna as well. After all, one really needs to sweat it out right?

Why Exercise Found Its Way Into My Schedule?

My association with exercising was limited to watching someone work out in movies. That was enough for me to sweat. But not when other remedies failed and the drug test day was nearing. Still, why exercising, you may ask.

THC is first stored in fat and is later released gradually into your bloodstream. Exercise burns fat thus supporting the quicker release of THC into the bloodstream, so it is on its way out through urine sooner than the time it generally takes.

The more intense your workout sessions are, higher will be the sweat you let out. Studies have shown traces of THC in sweat, which only goes to prove that you can clean THC of your system by sweating.

My Exercise And Sauna Days

The very thought of the nearing drug test made me shed my laziness and get into some action. For someone who hardly does any physical exercise, these can easily be called the toughest days. Anyway, I was too willing to sweat not only to pass the drug test (especially after I’ve read at THCDetox that sweating doesn’t work) but also to know that I can fall back on this remedy to serve all my future purposes.

Fifteen days from now will be the drug test. My countdown began:

The First Three Days – For a beginner like me, it does not take much to sweat. Just some basic warm-ups and very mild exercising were all that I did to sweat profusely. I did no more than this the first three days.

Days 4 To 7 – I was beginning to get used to the workouts I did the first three days, and hence I did not sweat much repeating all those exercises. After the warm-up, I started jogging, the distance increasing with each day making me sweat. I felt inspired.

Days 8 To 10 – I started running. I increased the speed and set goals to encourage me to run quicker and sweat more. I achieved both. I enrolled in the local gym so I can have access to a treadmill and sauna. I used both effectively. After running on the treadmill till I tired myself out, I stayed in the sauna for about 10 minutes. I repeated this twice. The duration of my workout session reached an impressive one hour on the 10th day.

Days 11 To 12 – Though I was feeling better, I was also feeling exhausted as I felt I was overdoing to achieve results. Had there been more time, I could have progressed gradually. Anyway, just four more days and my mind won my body over, and I increased the intensity of my practice. I began covering more distance running, and I did the treadmill for increased duration. Now, I was exercising twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Days 13 To 14 – Since sweating releases THC from fat, you should stop exercising the last 48 hours before the test. So, you know what I did these two days.

During all these days, I kept myself hydrated.

By the end of the 14th day, I was feeling great and was all set to take the drug test.

Did The Results Show

To say I was shattered will be an understatement. I really sweat it out and did more than my best only to be tested positive for drug abuse.

While exercising is a great way to stay healthy, rushing it the way I did is definitely not the right way to go about it. I failed to listen to my body’s signal calling me to be less intense and go step by step. I never gave my muscle time to repair. I was breaking the very rules of exercising. All these made me thoroughly exhausted and left me with pain in the back and hips thanks to my overdoing all too sudden.

Not everything is lost though I failed the test. I now know sweating can get THC out but not enough out, so you pass the drug test. For sure, I will exercise regularly but not with the focus to clear THC next time.

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