Does Taking Aspirin Help Pass A Drug Test?

If you are expecting a drug test and if you are like me, you will be browsing the internet as if there was no tomorrow to find how to pass a drug test. I have been there so many times and attempted so many remedies that now I believe I can create an ebook with the knowledge I have acquired in the process. One such solution I tried was aspirin to pass a drug test.

Why Aspirin

A very common over the counter medicine, aspirin is used for relieving headaches, cold, fever and muscle pain. Its use in clearing the system of the drug was not known to me until I found it through search engines.

Aspirin masks specific parts of the spectrum thereby interfering with Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique (EMIT) drug screening. Hence, your results show no traces of the drug. Studies also prove the effectiveness of aspirin in interfering with EMIT testing. EMIT testing is the cheapest technique and hence employers generally prefer to use this technique for drug screening.

Naturally, I decided to use aspirin. Since I never stock medicines as I hardly use them, I went out to get a few to help me pass the drug test.

Using Aspirin To Clear Drug Test

I hate to swallow medicines. However, under the present circumstances, I preferred taking aspirin than swallow a test result that is not in my favor.

I had about ten aspirins with me though what I required was 4. What in case I throw up after the tablet touches my throat? It is always better to play it safe, right?

  • About 6 hours before the test was due, I took four aspirins.
  • I drank plenty of liquids.
  • I peed more than twice.
  • I knew I had to catch the middle of the urine stream and not the beginning or the end, so I have the cleanest pee.

That’s it. I was ready for the test. This, I believed, was the easiest way. That is if the EMIT testing was involved.

The Toughest Part

Well, it was EMIT testing all right. But the result was not easy on me. I FAILED the drug test. What about all those studies that claimed aspirin would mask certain parts of the spectrum and all that? I never so far realized that studies could go wrong.

Well, it was only later when I started looking for alternatives to pass drug test did I find more about the ineffectiveness of using aspirin for clearing drug test. Not only are we getting smarter to avoid failing the drug tests but laboratories are getting smarter too to catch us cheating on the tests.

Aside from being tested positive, I experienced further woes in the form of side effects using aspirin. Though I did not go on aspirin overdose, taking four was too much for me. I had a headache, nausea, pain in my abdomen and had a stomach upset. At least, I was thankful to myself that I was not already on blood thinners as it could have made things worse.

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