How i used cranberry juice to pass drug test

Now that you are here, I understand you are in the same situation I was in, a few weeks ago, desperately trying various remedies to clear my system from weed. After experimenting various remedies unsuccessfully and spending sleepless nights browsing for the right solution, I finally decided to give cranberry juice a try.

Why I Tried Cranberry Juice

Though cranberry juice offers amazing health benefits, it is not in the list of my favorite drinks as I don’t like the bitter taste and the after effects it leaves on my taste buds. However, now is no time for my prejudices, right? Particularly, when a drug test is due and cranberry juice can be a potential savior, I cannot entertain my taste buds.

So, what is in favor of cranberry juice when it comes to cleaning your system from weed?

Since the detoxification process by cranberry juice can be slow, you have a chance to pass the drug test only if you have more than 10 days time to consume cranberry juice regularly.

How Did I Use Cranberry Juice To Clean My System From Weed

Cranberry juice can be made either by directly juicing cranberries using a blender or by boiling cranberries in water and filtering the contents.

I chose the second method for the simple reason that it sounded so effective.

I carefully chose the day to start my trial taking into account the day of drug test. I was particular about what the days of the week would be from day 8 to day 11. I had my reasons, which you will know as you read on.

The First Week – I diluted 5 ounces of cranberry juice with 20 ounces of water and drank it thrice a day an hour before food every time in the first week. I also reduced intake of food so I will be equipped for a tougher schedule the next week.

Day 8 To Day 11 РOn the 8th day, I diluted 12 ounces of cranberry juice with 60 ounces of water and consumed it throughout the day splitting the quantity into 5 portions. The toughest part was to go without food to speed up detoxification.  These were the days I was concerned about and hence arranged my schedule so these days fell towards the end of the week.

Day 12 To Day 14 – I again followed the quantity of cranberry juice I had in the first week. Now, my diet made me feel better as I started consuming whole foods on day 12 and went on to include easily digestible vegetables and fruits the next two days.

So, I was thus thoroughly prepared to face the drug test. With all the cranberry juice consumption, urine dilution and detoxification I was sure that I will hear only a favorable test result.

The Result

I was shocked beyond belief. I had failed the drug test. It was really unbelievable considering the fact that I not only consumed cranberry juice but also went on fasting mode, detoxified my body only to still find trace of weed in my system. Bodily effects of weed, I realized, are too strong for cranberry juice. Only I realized it too late.

Is That All?

My sorrow did not end with the ‘negative’ result. I had my share of side effects drinking cranberry juice though only up to recommended levels.

My urine was diluted but I had burning sensation every time I urinated and this lasted for about three days after I stopped drinking cranberry juice. I had nausea, stomach pain and diarrhea. All these symptoms of side effects gradually subsided after my break up with cranberry juice.

I learnt two lessons from drinking cranberry juice to clean my system from weed.

No. 1 – Cranberry juice has amazing health benefits but it may not be advisable to go all cranberry so you end up with side effects.

No. 2 – Cranberry juice is NOT EFFECTIVE in cleaning the weed from your system. So, you will flunk your drug test if you rely on cranberry juice to do wonders here.

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