Michigan drug laws

Employers in Michigan are free to perform the testing policy according to their discretion. Mostly the state itself determine if hirers may test their workers for the user of banned substances. The state also has special rules for medical marijuana usage.

Drug testing rules

The state has no statue law about drug testing among private employment. It is among those states that have no rules in this procedure, meaning that the screening process is not restricted or prohibited, while it does not violate legal provisions, like a prohibiting discrimination law. A workplace testing for banned substances using is classified as a required medical examination, which is not ruled.

The Penal Code of Michigan establishes that it is unlawful for all employers to force new or continuing workers to pay for a medical examination, requested by employers. Offenders may be charged with $100 for each violation instance.

Michigan marijuana laws

The local laws allow the medical marijuana usage by patients registered with the state, who have valid registry identification cards. Such qualifying patients cannot be prosecuted, arrested, penalized, denied any privilege or right, because of lawful possession or medical marijuana usage. These people are not allowed to possess more than 2.5 ounces of this medicinal substance.

Michigan rules do not allow patients using marijuana with constitute negligence, professional malpractice, or engage in its medical using, in a school bus, any primary, secondary, preschool school territory, or in any correctional facilities. Individuals cannot use this banned substance allowed for them on any public transportation forms or in any public areas. They may not navigate, operate, or be present in actual physical control of any aircraft, motorboat, motor vehicle, while under marijuana influence.

Hirers are not required to allow the marijuana ingestion in any workplace or any workers being at the workplace under this substance influence. The state does not prevent local employers from taking disciplinary actions against their workers who give positive screening results for this substance using, even if its usage takes place in the medical treatment context.

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