Kansas NORML is committed to providing Kansas residents and our legislators with accurate information about marijuana use, marijuana as medicine, and the harmful fallout from marijuana and hemp prohibition.

We believe it’s especially important to get current information, such as results of medical and other marijuana studies, to our lawmakers.

One way to significantly raise public awareness of cannabis and hemp issues is by holding newsworthy events, such as rallies, marches, picnics and such. Though these activities require a significant expenditure of time and money to be properly presented, our small group is committed to continuing our efforts in the hope of making a difference.

What we do, we do for:

  • every Kansas family who has been negatively impacted by marijuana prohibition and mandatory minimum sentences
  • every Kansan who could benefit from ready access to medical marijuana
  • every Kansas farmer who, if allowed to produce industrial hemp, could once again fully provide for his family
  • every Kansas resident who enjoys the recreational use of cannabis


Please consider making a donation of cash and/or services to Kansas NORML so we can keep growing until our mission is successful. Thank you.