My experience of using baking soda for a drug test

The highs you experience suddenly turn into a nightmare when you have a drug test to clear. I was no exception to the situation. My experiences with various remedies produced results of all sorts but success. This was when I decided to try baking soda.

Why Baking Soda To Pass Drug Test

Being a lover of natural remedies, I have used baking soda for various purposes. Not limited to health issues such as common cold, acidity, indigestion, and toe fungus but also as a cleansing agent to treat my carpets and curtains, I have great use for baking soda.

Still, it was news to me that baking soda can cleanse your system for a drug test. Baking soda was recommended by many as it is said to disguise the presence of the drug in a urine test. Baking soda also causes an imbalance in pH levels, which helps to clear drug test. At times, test results that show imbalanced pH levels require you to go for another test. This gives you another chance to clear your system. Either way, you are benefited.

The Trial

Well, I hardly could wait to test baking soda’s effect. If only it works, I will have another and more important reason for refilling baking soda supplies on a regular basis.

Moreover, the options I had left were a few out of which I definitely did not appreciate the suggestion of using my friend’s urine to show as my sample.

One of the best features of using baking soda is that it would suffice to use it just between 3 to 6 hours before your test is due.

This is how I went about using baking soda to pass my drug test.

  • I decided to play it safe and set a 6-hour window.
  • I took 3 tablespoons of baking soda and gulped down a glass of water.
  • The next step is to pee. But I threw up; it was so instant that baking soda would hardly have gone past my throat, or so I felt.
  • Back to where I started. Only this time, I went a bit slower, that is, one tablespoon at a time and a glass of water to go with it.
  • After 10 minutes or so there was no sign of throwing up.
  • Now, I had to pee. It wasn’t a difficult task considering what went inside me now.
  • I had to go to pee twice and each time I felt thoroughly empty.
  • Drank some more water and went in to be tested for drug. All a good one hour after my second pee.

And The Error

I failed again. I could hardly believe. I was pretty confident about the result. Baking soda has so far done wonders for me and hence there was no question in my mind of failing. “Sure, it was not someone else’s urine?” I wanted to ask — nothing to do now. May be, I should have taken my drug-free friend into confidence and asked for his urine.

Side Effects

I used to consume baking soda to treat certain health conditions. It was always in smaller doses, and hence I never experienced any side effect. It was not the same this time, and I had a terrible muscle spasm.

However, I am happy that I did not experience any other side effect that is generally associated with overdose of baking soda such as seizures, high sodium levels in blood, swollen feet and heart issues.

The bottom line is not that I failed the test, but baking soda is ineffective in clearing the system for a drug test.

Nothing stops here. I will keep looking for other remedies as I am still not able to get rid of the habit of using drugs. Maybe, I will try it when everything else fails.

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